Home Automation

Its established that home automation is a luxury one would desire to have. Whether you own a condo, an apartment or a farm house far into the country side, home automation always adds a certain level of ease and comfort into your lives.

A visit to developed countries like US and Europe, makes it apparent that automation of daily (though sometimes not so menial) tasks is no more stuff of the futurelego pieces. The same is not the case in developing countries like India. Home Automation falls far behind the acceptance compared to other luxuries associated with home. For example, one might own a million dollar villa with a Olympic sized swimming pool for his Golden Retriever to bathe in, but still have a lowly paid security performing all the monitoring of the property. May be economics of the developing world plays a part here, but home automation does open up a unlimited number possibilities that can enrich your lives. Enough said, the engineer in me would definitely like to own an automated home.

Starting now, this blog will be a running account of how to economically (I really mean cheap here) turn your existing home into an automated one. 


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